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Private Investigator Westlake Village: A Group of Hand-Picked Professionals Uniquely Qualified to Assist in Complex Litigation
Headed by senior private investigator E.H. Santiago, Private Investigator Westlake Village is comprised of an exceptionally talented group of court-certified, state-licensed private investigators, specializing in civil, criminal and family-related disputes. Frequently called upon by attorneys to guide and help them in developing critical information, our professionals are skilled in turning up difficult-to-locate pertinent documents that are rarely readily available in these types of disputes. Assisting attorneys in gathering materials that frequently become crucial documents during discovery and later stages of litigation, our ability to secure critical documents for your legal team assists your case in moving forward in a timely manner. Specifically, our methods in securing documents often relieve attorneys of the obligation to seek such documents from uncooperative opposing counsel, either through the subpoena power or other time-consuming discovery methods. In addition to assisting attorneys with litigation, our professionals contribute skill and experience to cases of private parties and government agencies. Specifically, our real-world experience can affect litigation by speeding up negotiations and moving cases forward in a timelier manner.
To name but a few, we have testified in community property, custody, cohabitation, and domestic fidelity matters, investor integrity, judgement collection and financial accounting. Other areas of expertise include executive protection, surveillance of individuals and property, workers comp investigations, and elder abuse.
In addition to our California offices, Private Investigator Westlake Village maintains affiliate private investigator licenses in Florida, Nevada, Arizona and New York. Our multi-state resources and network of experienced professionals benefit our clients, providing reliable professional results without compromising your future decisions about the best manner to handle you dispute. If you are ready to hire top- notch private investigators whose contributions have consistently reduced both the cost and stress associated with litigation, it’s time to call Private Investigator Westlake Village. Please contact Ed Santiago at the number below for a free consultation or to set up a preliminary investigation.
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